STUCCO is a skin of the house. It must breath, but it shouldn't leak and crack. 
KALMATRON® KF-A is an admix to the stucco mix which produces zero shrinkage 

cracks and is impermeable to liquids of one step applied coat. 

It takes 2% of KALMATRON® KF-A admixture from the weight of cement to get 

one-step applied coat benefited by:           
Proven economy per 1 SF is at 40% of shotcrete and gunite applications 

comparing to the standard stucco coat installation will benefit  any project.
    Largest repair project in California is still going on from 2005 by coating of inner walls of famous 100 years old Mojave 

    Aqueduct ( Los Angeles Water & Power Department is very satisfied with conformity of non-

    shrinking performance and water/crude oil impermeability by ¾”  plaster layer based on Kalmatron® KF-A. 

    Today it is known as PLASTCRETE mix design.
Slump is at 2 1/2" with pumpability up to 500' without Plasticizer. 
Vertical shotcrete spay with KF-A has no rebound 
with immediate adhesion to the ceiling. 
Stucco batch with KF-A performs Creamy Effect at W/C = .42 or less
Finishing by the screed without trowelling after. 
Fresh cut of 2 1/2" deep coat applied by one pass.
Batch Creamy Effect results in higher viscosity of fresh 

coat surface. Left trowel on a wall and it stays on it. 

It is a vivid indication that coat doesn't need to be water 

sprayed or covered by film for curing.

One step applied stucco has higher density and much 

more durable than traditional multi coats hiding 

shrinkage cracks being triple more expensive per S.F.  
Plastering in California means working under ambient temperature at 100 F and dry winds where 

KALAMATRON® KF-A is only the solution. It reduces exothermic heat and speed of moist evaporation 

from the coat surface to guarantee zero shrinkage cracks to the customers. And of course, to save 

money on scratch and brown coats, cracks patching, curing, labor and transportation back and forth.  
Inventions of the 21-st Century
Pumpability is up to 500’                          No Plasticizers is required

Rebound is below 5% or no rebound      No Water Reducers is required        

Impermeability to liquid from ¾” thick    No isolating membrane is required

No shrinkage cracks                                 No fibers or mesh are required    

No curing is required                                No curing compound&blankets.

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