We have two decades of successful history of production and supply of

KALMATRON® KF-F for stucco repair. This is a yellow powder mixed with water that

becomes a viscous paste applicable as a thin layer by any paint application technique.       

KALMATRON® KF-F is a protective and crack curing composition which penetrates

into the cementitious structure applicable in dry, hot, as well as damp environments.

The application of KALMATRON KF-F produces superficial strength, waterproofing and

highest resistance to chemical and environmental corrosions.

         But application by spray "A" and by brush or roll "B" causing some difference in repellence to water.

         by 88% than lowest known of 4% sorption ability. Practically, it is implausible as sorption ability.

Stucco repair is not resurfacing only, but restoration of its microbial balance and liquid impermeability.
KALMATRON® KF-F known in Europe as K1OO®-F is in use for

restoration of concrete canals impermeability on nuclear plants.

As it shown, chosen method of application is a spray.
Stucco texture after the spray
Stucco texture after the brush